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July 19th, 2015

Books for Sale

Not sure anyone will see this since I don't really use my LJ except to post in PKMNcollectors, but...just in case (You'll probably have to message me if you're interested because I think the default on my LJ is no comments. ^^; lol) -

Okay! Here's all the books I'm getting rid of (just a little short of 250 total). I'd like to try to sell them, but if they're not gone in the next week or so, I'm going to donate them somewhere. I'm also thinking about going through my DVDs, CDs, and comics.

Paperbacks are $1. Hardcovers are $2.

I also have some children's (I'd say 5th grade or younger) science and animal books that I didn't list here. If anyone is interested in those, let me know.

I will not know how much shipping will cost until I box up the books you're interested in and get a shipping quote from the post office.

List is in completely random order (just pulled them out of a box and put them in a spreadsheet). I might try to reorganize the list later.

The majority are mysteries, crime novels, fantasy, paranormal romance, or children's books that focus on animals.

I did pull a few of these to read, but I will let you know if that's one of the ones you're interested in. Any of those will be available after I finish reading. lol.

Paperbacks -

Buffalo West Wing Julie Hyzy
Back on Blossom Street Debbie Macomber
The Black Box Michael Connelly
Evil an Investigation Lance Morrow
Wolfwalker Tara K. Harper
Pure Bood Caitlin Kittredge
Dying for Chocolate Diane Mott Davidson
Dust Patricia Cornwall
True Detectives Jonathan Kellerman
Invisible Prey John Sandford
Tempest in a Teapot Amanda Cooper
A Spoonful of Murder Connie Archer
Murder Past Due Miranda James
Bad Love Jonathan Kellerman
Tunnel Vision Sara Paretsky
Bitter Medicine Sara Paretsky
Espresso Shot Cleo Coyle
The Lost Symbol Dan Brown
Shadow Leader Tara K. Harper
City of Bones Cassandra Clare
City of Ashes Cassandra Clare
City of Glass Cassandra Clare
Julie's Wolf Pack Jean Craighead George
Julie Jean Craighead George
Julie Jean Craighead George
Windy City Blues Sara Paretsky
Ghost Country Sara Paretsky
Wolfsbane Patricia Briggs
Dime Store Magic Kelley Armstrong
Fire Bringer David Clement-Davies
The Magician's Nephew C.S. Lewis
How to Steal a Dragon's Sword Cressida Cowell
The Backward Bird Dog Bill Wallace
Eragon Christopher Paolini
Twilight Stephenie Meyer
Red Riding Hood Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Through Wolf's Eyes Jane Lindskold
Wolf Hunting Jane Lindskold
Wolf Captured Jane Lindskold
The Dragon of Despair Jane Lindskold
Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart Jane Lindskold
Wolf's Blood Jane Lindskold
Wild Angel Pat Murphy
Meg Steve Alten
Wolf Moon Charles De Lint
the Return of Santa Paws Nicholas Edwards
The Wereling Resurrection Stephen Cole
The Wereling Wounded Stephen Cole
Wolf Rider AVI
Elfquest The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 1
Night Life Caitlin Kittredge
Industrial Magic Kelley Armstrong
Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand Carrie Vaughn
Kitty's Big Trouble Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Takes a Holiday Carrie Vaughn
Kitty and the Midnight Hour Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Goes to War Carrie Vaughn
Kitty and the Silver Bullet Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Goes to Washington Carrie Vaughn
Sundays at Tiffany's James Patterson
The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion Fannie Flagg
A Week in Winter Maeve Binchy
The Reversal Michael Connelly
Monster Jonathan Kellerman
Alex Cross, Run James Patterson
Storm Prey John Sandford
The Switch Sandra Brown
Bones Jonathan Kellerman
The Pyramid Henning Mankell
NYPD Red James Patterson
Unlucky 13 James Patterson
The Mozart Season Virginia Euwer Wolff
Familiar Friend Cristina Sumners
Concealed in Death J.D. Robb
Big Jack J.D. Robb
If Fried Chicken Could Fly Paige Shelton
Fatal Feng Shui Leslie Caine
Cross My Heart James Patterson
The Unwanteds Lisa McMann
The Unwanteds Island of Silence Lisa McMann
The Unwanteds Island of Fire Lisa McMann
Low Midnight Carrie Vaughn
Jumper Steven Gould
Star Wars The Courtship of Princess Leia Dave Wolverton
Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Terry Brooks
Star Wars The Han Solo Adventures Brian Daley
Star Wars Vol. I of The Jedi Academy Trilogy Jedi Search Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Vol. I of The Jedi Academy Trilogy Jedi Search Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Vol. 2 of The Jedi Academy Trilogy Dark Apprentice Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Vol. 3 of The Jedi Academy Trilogy Champions of the Force Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Young Jedi Knights The Lost Ones Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Young Jedi Knights Shadow Academy Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Young Jedi Knights Heirs of the Force Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Patricia C. Wrede
Star Wars Episode I Journal Queen Amidala Jude Watson
Star Wars Episode I Journal Anakin Skywalker Todd Strasser
Star Wars Jedi Apprentice The Rising Force Dave Wolverton
Star Wars Jedi Apprentice The Dark Rival Jude Watson
Star Wars Jedi Apprentice The Hidden Past Jude Watson
Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights The Golden Globe Nancy Richardson
Guardian Angel Sara Paretsky
Deadlock Sara Paretsky
X-Men 2 Chris Claremont
The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne
CliffsNotes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
CliffsNotes Shakespeare's The Scarlet Letter
Katie.com Katherine Tarbox
Julie of the Wolves Jean Craighead George
X-Men 2 Ted Conner
Survivors The Empty City Erin Hunter
Survivors The Empty City Erin Hunter
Warriors Manga 1 The Lost Warrior Erin Hunter
Warriors Manga 2 Warrior's Refuge Erin Hunter
Warriors Manga 3 Warrior's Return Erin Hunter
Warriors 2 Fire and Ice Erin Hunter
Warriors 4 Rising Storm Erin Hunter
Warriors 5 A Dangerous Path Erin Hunter
Warriors The New Prophecy 1 Midnight Erin Hunter
Warriors The New Prophecy 2 Moonrise Erin Hunter
Warriors The New Prophecy 3 Dawn Erin Hunter
The Fall of Five – Preview Sample Pittacus Lore
Snow Dog Jim Kjelgaard
The Boy Who Spoke Dog Clay Morgan
The Wolfling Sterling North
Goodbye, Mr. Chips James Hilton
The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
My Point...and I Do Have One Ellen Degeneres
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann Brashares
The Second Summer of the Sisterhood Ann Brashares
Girls in Pants the Third Summer of the Sisterhood Ann Brashares
Forever in Blue the Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood Ann Brashares
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs 1 Country Dog, City Dog Yukiya Sakuragi
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs 9 The Circle of Life Yukiya Sakuragi
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs 11 Playing Ruff! Yukiya Sakuragi
Love Hina Manga 7 Ken Akamatsu
The All-New Tenchi Muyo Manga Vol. 1 Alien Nation Hitoshi Okuda
Tenchi Muyo Sasami Stories Hitoshi Okuda
Computer Organization and Design 4 David A. Patterson
Ethics for the Information Age Fifth Edition Michael J. Quinn
Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming Peter Van Roy
Physics for Scientists and Engineers Volume 2 8th edition John W. Jewett, Jr.
Marketing Management 12 e Philip Kotler
Star Wars The Jedi Academy Volume 2 Dark Apprentice Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars The Jedi Academy Volume 3 Champions of the Force Kevin J. Anderson
Children's Thrift Classics How the Leopard Got His Spots and Other Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling
Clue #10 The Screaming Skeleton A.E. Parker
Ghosts of Fear Street #12 Night of the Werecat R.L.Stine
Goosebumps #14 The Werewolf of Fever Swamp R.L.Stine
Goosebumps #18 Monster Blood II R.L.Stine
Goosebumps #32 The Barking Ghost R.L.Stine
Give Yourself Goosebumps R.L.Stine
Animorphs #1 The Invasion K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #2 The Visitor K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #3 The Encounter K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #4 The Message K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #6 The Capture K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #9 The Secret K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #12 The Reaction K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #13 The Change K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #14 The Unknown K.A. Applegate
Animorphs #16 The Warning K.A. Applegate
Animorphs (megamorphs) The Andalite's Gift K.A. Applegate

Hardcovers -

Warriors Dawn of the Clans The First Battle Erin Hunter
True Detectives Jonathan Kellerman
The Brass Verdict Michael Connelly
I Still Dream About You Fannie FlaggLiving with the Dead Kelley Armstrong
Waking the Witch Kelley Armstrong
Bloodrose Andrea Cremer
Rise Andrea Cremer
Down These Strange Streets
Linger Maggie Stiefvater
Eldest Christopher Paolini
Prayer for the Dead Faye Kellerman
Best Friends Tell the Best Lies Carol Dines
The Raiders Harold Robbins
Why We Suck Dr. Denis Leary
Victims Jonathan Kellerman
Bones Jonathan Kellerman
East of Eden John Steinbeck
Hope to Die James Patterson
Travels with Casey Benoit Denizet-Lewis
Survivors The Endless Lake Erin Hunter
Vulpes The Red Fox Jean Craighead George
Dewey Vicki Myron
Merle's Door Lessons from a Freethinking Dog Ted Kerasote
Charlie and the Glass Elevator Roald Dahl
Warriors The New Prophecy 4 Starlight Erin Hunter
Warriors The New Prophecy 5 Twilight Erin Hunter
Warriors Power of Three Book1 The Sight Erin Hunter
Warriors Power of Three Book 2 Dark River Erin Hunter
Warriors Power of Three Book 4 Eclipse Erin Hunter
Warriors Super Edition Firestar's Quest Erin Hunter
Warriors Super Edition Crookedstar's Promise Erin Hunter
The Short Forever Stuart Woods
Marker Robin Cook
Flesh and Blood Jonathan Kellerman
Port Mortuary Patricia Cornwell
The Sum of All Fears Tom Clancy
The Bone Bed Patricia Cornwall
Cross Fire James Patterson
Mystery Jonathan Kellerman
Survival of the Fittest Jonathan Kellerman
True Blue David Baldacci
Dragons Michael Connelly
Red Mist Patricia Cornwell
The Legal Environment of Business Ninth Edition Roger E. Meiners
Apocalypse Wow! A Memoir for the End of Time James Finn Garner

April 12th, 2015

Still a WIP so please excuse the mess. lol.

Might need to check if I removed ones that have staff version.

Long List Under CutCollapse )

February 19th, 2015

This is a list of all the Pokemon I collect. I will be editing this list to mark favorites and ones that aren't particularly important to me. But, I do collect all of these Pokemon to some extent.

Long List Under CutCollapse )

October 21st, 2013

April 13th, 2015: I believe the list is up-to-date now.

I would prefer mint/near mint cards, but if you have any of these cards in worse condition, feel free to let me know and I might consider them for my collection. I don’t really have a preference over 1st edition or unlimited cards.

***All sets go by the English set numbering***

***I am not positive that all sets come in all these langauges***

**Also looking for nice condition empty booster wrappers**

*Might also be interested in Base Set Energy cards if they look different than English versions (ie. - Energy spelled differently or the back of the card having different image (Japanese))*

(for those, like me, that don’t know how to read all these languages)
Japanese - has a different backing
Chinese and Korean - just need to figure these two out based on the symbols
Spanish - says PI instead of HP; Trainer card is “Entrenador”; Energy is “Energía”
Portuguese - says PS instead of HP; Trainer card is “Treinador”; Energy is “Energia”
Dutch - says IP instead of HP; I have no Dutch Trainer or Energy cards
Italian and French - says PV instead of HP; for Italian “Length” is “Lunghezzo” / for French “Length” is “Taille”; Italian Trainer card is “Addestramento” / French Trainer card is "Dresseur"; Italian Energy is "Energia"; I have no French Energy cards
German - says KP instead of HP; Trainer card is still “Trainer”; Energy is “Energie”

Long List Under CutCollapse )

May 23rd, 2013

Books for Sale!

February 18th, 2015 - Not sure I still have all of these. Will update list in the future...sometime.

Still working on pricing for these (I'm thinking $2 for paperbacks and $5 for hardcovers plus shipping). Listed by title and followed by the ISBN. If you're interested in any, please let me know. :D

Books Under HereCollapse )

February 5th, 2013

Wrapper Collection List

February 18th, 2015: This List Needs to be Updated

Here's a complete (I think) list of wrappers with the ones I have striked out and the ones I have but need replacements underlined.

Read more...Collapse )

April 27th, 2011

Risha's Pokemon Wishlist

February 22nd 2015 - Finally got this updated. It's still a little outdated but at least it has some information for you. :D

February 18th, 2015 - Still working on specific item wants, but I did add two lists of flat items that I compiled recently.

February 14th, 2015 - To my Secret Swap Partner: I will soon be updating this post with specific items that you can look at and decide from. Unfortunately, the last month has been a bit crazy so I haven't gotten to update it yet. I'm working on it now and will hopefully have it up within the next week. Sorry! ^^;

January 29th, 2013 Been updating this as I get new things. Still haven't been able to completely update my specific TCG wants.

Lots of text under hereCollapse )

Thanks for looking!

~ Risha

March 29th, 2007

I finally decided to add filters to my journal. This is mostly due to me realizing that some people will just be viewing my LJ for artwork and some people will also want to read my actual journal updates. Everyone wanting to be added a filter has to comment here, otherwise you won't be in any filter and won't be able to read any of my journals (besides public posts, which are rare).

Please say in your comment which of the following filters you are interested in being placed under -

Regular Updates
Just updates about my life in general.

Posts with images of some of my artwork. These will mostly be sketches and lineart from now on, but I might post some finished images on occasion.

Quizzes, Surveys, etc
These will be rare, but I sometimes fill out the online "tagged" journals, surveys, and quizzes, so I figured I'd make a filter for them.

I have some subfilters for some of those. I will decide which subfilter to place people based on their comments and how well I know the person.

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